How One Seattle Business Woman is Staying Relevant During the Covid-19 Pandemic

When Washington state issued the stay at home order in March Kung Fu school owner Sarah Yoffe took action. With the help of Evelyn Dickinson of Logical Alternative she set up an iPad tablet and a laptop, signed up for a Zoom professional account, and started streaming her classes for her students.

“It’s been more successful than I hoped,” Sarah said, “The pandemic has spurred me on to update our online presence. We also set up online payments through the website.” Recordings of the classes are also available to the students for a week.

“This has been a great opportunity,” she said, “and we will continue with streaming the classes even after the restrictions are lifted.”

The Shaolin Center of Seattle is one of the longest-running women-owned martial arts schools that embraces all genders in Seattle. It provides kung fu and tai chi training for students ages 8 to 80. It has operated in Seattle and Shoreline for fifteen years.

“We’ve faced rough times before and we’ll get through this one, too,” Sarah said.

New students are still welcome. Go to and start today.

Master Sarah With Chain Whip

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