What our students are saying about us

My fiancé and I joined the school in early 2009. Doing kung fu together has been both a bonding experience and highly entertaining. The welcoming, light-hearted environment pushes us to become better athletes and martial artists, not by ever making us feel bad about ourselves or our abilities, but by showing us what we can achieve with dedicated practice. Five years in, we’ve come so far and are so proud of our accomplishments and all the cool stuff we can do – and still we feel like we’ve only barely scratched the surface. We are continually excited to keep learning and improving.

– Erica R. and Matt B.

I wanted to try something more demanding than push ups, sit-ups, and jogging on the treadmill. Since the minute I got on the school’s practice floor I have found Shaolin Kung Fu to be exhilarating, demanding, and a lot of fun. The more advanced students have been extremely helpful, humble, and informative, and the levels of advancement are not based upon tearing each other up. It has much more to do with a community effort to help everyone advance at their own pace, which works great for me.

– Trent

My best friend got a 5th degree and has become a much more positive, fit, and confident individual. It can be accredited to the years of training at the best Kung Fu school in the greater Seattle area. I went for a while myself and learned quite a bit. Good teachers, friendly environment, and the best variety of weapons and types of combat/centering. The Shaolin Center of Seattle is a good place to learn, meditate, and get in shape while having fun.

– Roger M. W.

Our sons started taking Kung Fu and Tai Chi lessons at the Shaolin Center of Seattle many years ago and now our entire family is taking lessons. We have found the environment to be very friendly and mutually supportive. Everyone helps everyone else to improve their skills. Personally, I won’t exercise for the sake of exercising (too boring), but if I am learning a useful skill as I exercise then that is a different matter. That makes these classes ideal for me. I get a good workout while mastering martial art skills that could prove useful someday, as well as internal skills that I apply daily to reduce stress and keep my energy level up. I should mention this school caters to all ages, from very young to us older folk (I am 60). My only regret is that I didn’t start earlier in life. I hope you don’t make the same mistake. Check us out.

– Richard P.

Having recently moved to Seattle, I really appreciate the friendly and supportive community of the Shaolin center. Having been in several martial arts disciplines, I really respect the ethos, history, and training offered at this school. Practicing Shaolin and Tai Chi Chuan has fundamentally changed how I move: my flexibility, balance, strength, and daily equanimity are all much improved.

– Joshua L.

Training in Shaolin Kung Fu has let me stay fit and calm despite my hectic business worklife, and after 16 years of training I can break concrete with one finger!

– Master Joe

I decided to pursue Kungfu after attending a martial arts based boot camp. I chose the Shaolin Center of Seattle because I wanted a school that focused on the traditional Chinese Art rather than a women’s self defense class or a school with competitions and performances. At this school, you will only compete with yourself and the progress you make will be at a pace that fits with the amount of time you have available to attend class and practice. Within 6months I felt stronger and more flexible. It’s inspiring to be in class with people my age at varying skill level. It’s proven to me that it is never too late to try something new. Also, it’s easy to track your improvement with consistent attendance and in my case…the more I improve, the more I want to achieve. My initial goal was to try it for a few months. That quickly changed to my current goal: testing for my black belt. If I can do it, anyone can!

– Karen L.

Imagine going through life without knowing how to read or count. That’d be crazy right? If you’ve never studied martial arts, then chances are you’ve been going through life without knowing how to breathe or move properly. How much crazier is that? After several years at the Shaolin Center in Seattle I moved out east and have since been a part of four other martial arts schools. Some of them have been pretty good, but none have measured up to my experience in Seattle. I cannot recommend it enough, and wish that I had started sooner.

– Michael