Belt Requirements

A guide for belt advancement

Listed here are the various requirements students need for belt advancement.

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White to Yellow

Sparring Techniques: 1-5

Short Forms: 1-5

Qin Na: 1-5

Forms: si men dao lian – Reversibly Facing 4 Opponents

bang fa – staff spins 1-4

Punches: reverse fist, horizontal fist, vertical sidehand

Kicks: front snap, side thrust, round house

Stances: horse, sparring, cat, bow

Yellow to Blue

Sparring Techniques: 6-10

Short Forms: 6-15

Qin Na: 6-15

Forms: fei hu chu dong – Flying Tiger Comes Out of the Cave

Other: yi bu dui da – One Step Sparring Techniques 1-9

Weapons: si mian ba fang bang – 4,
Face 8 Directions Double-Ended Staff

Punches: tiger fist palm, tiger fist sidehand, twist hit

Kicks: inside smash, outside smash, front and back traps

Stances: reverse bow

Blue to Green

Sparring Techniques: 11-15

Short Forms: 16-22

Qin Na: 16-22

Forms: tai peng shen quan – Great Bird Spirit Fist

Other: yi bu fa shu – One Step Fighting Techniques 1-10

Weapons: bei fang qi gai bang – Short Stick of the Northern Beggar,
Er Jie Gun – Nunchaku Techniques 1-8

Punches: beak as strike, beak as hook, hammer fist

Kicks: jump front snap, double jump snap

Stances: bird stance low, bird stance high

Green to 3rd Brown

Sparring Techniques: 16-20

Short Forms: 23-30

Qin Na: 23-30

Forms: luo han quan – Fist of the Enlightened One

Weapons: yin yang bang dui da – Yin Yang 2 Person Staff Set,
Er Jie Gun – Nunchaku Techniques 9-17

Punches: ridge hand, vertical finger jab

Kicks: jump double smash, mantis inside, straight leg