October Seminar

Children’s Long Fist
(adult empty hand form)

Sat, Oct 2nd, 11AM-2PM
White Belts and above

October Seminar

Hou Tian Chi
Chan (Zen) Breath After Birth/ Chi Kung Training

Sat, Oct 30th, 11am-2pm
White Belts & Above

November Seminar

Yi Jin Jing/San He
49 Posture Muscle Tendon Change Classic

Sat, Nov 13th , 11AM-2PM
White Belts & Above

November Holiday

NO CLASSES Nov 25th-28th for Thanksgiving Holiday

December Seminar

Xian Tian Chi
Breath Before Birth – Taoist Mediation

Sat, Dec 4th, 11am-2pm
Must see Hou Tian Chi in past 18 mo.

December Holiday

NO CLASSES Dec 24th, 2021 – Jan 1st, 2022 for the Holidays.

Regular classes resume Tuesday, Jan 4th, 2022


Brown Belt/Sash Pre-Test

Internal: Wednesday, Dec 1st at 7pm

External: Thursday, Dec 2nd at 7pm

Brown Belt/Sash Test

Saturday, Dec 18th, at 11am

Monthly Study

Advanced Black Belt September Study

Zui Ba Xian Lan Cai He
8 Drunken Immortals Lan Caihe (con’t)

Black Belt September Study

Outdoor Weapons Conditioning
Week 1: Staff
Week 2: Spear
Week 3: Double Broadsword
Week 4: Double Nunchaku

Brown Belt September Study

Shaolin Niao Luo Tian/Zhan Yu
Shaolin Bird Descends from Heaven/Spreads the Wings

Advanced Black Belt October Study

Er Lu Hua Quan
2nd Road of Hua Fist

Black Belt October Study

Hei Hu Fan Shen
Black Tiger Flips the Body

Brown Belt October Study

Shaolin Niao Yan Ge
Shaolin Bird Performs as Dove

Advanced Black Belt November Study

Zui Ba Xian Li Tie Guai
8 Drunken Immortals – Li Tieguai

Black Belt November Study

Hei Hu Shou Shang
Black Tiger Wounded

Brown Belt November Study

Lian Wu Zhang
5 Directional Palm, Shantung Whirling Palm System

Advanced Black Belt December Study

Zui Ba Xian Li Tie Guai
8 Drunken Immortals – Li Tieguai (con’t)