May Seminar

Yi Jin Jing
Muscle-Tendon Change Classic
Sat, May 15th , 11AM-2PM

Grandmaster Sin Zoom Seminar

Hsing I Reversible Broadsword
Sunday, May 23rd, 2021
11:00 AM to 2:00 PM (PT)

Zoom link to be provided to registered participants via email.
Click on the Registration Link to download the form, and hand it in to Master Sarah by May 13th.

Grandmaster Sin Seminar

Hsing-I Harmony Fist
Hsing-I Harmony Broadsword
Saturday, June 12, 2021
9:00 AM – 5:00 PM MDT

LIVE at the Boise, ID School
More details to follow….

June Seminar

Da Mo Suang Chang
Double Ta Mo Canes
Sat, June 26nd , 11AM-2PM

July Seminar

Yin/Yang Stretching & Conditioning
Positive and Negative Training
Sat, July 10th, 11am-2pm

August Seminar

Zhao Yao Quan
Penetrating Hammer Fist
with Preying Mantis conditioning
Sat, Aug 3rd , 11AM-2PM


Brown Belt Test

Brown Belt Test
Saturday, April 24th, 11AM – 12PM

Party to follow the Test.

Brown Sash Pre-Test

Brown Sash Pre-Test
Wednesday, Aug 11th, 7pm

Brown Belt Pre-Test

Brown Belt Pre-Test
Thursday, Aug 12th at 7pm

Brown Belt/Sash Test

Brown Belt/Sash Test
Sat, Aug 28th , 11AM-12PM

Monthly Study

Advanced Black Belt April Study

Chue Chien
Drunken Straightsword (con’t)

Black Belt April Study

Hei Hu Zhuan Shen
Shandong Black Tiger Turns Its Body

Brown Belt April Study

Jin Gang Fu Hu Quan
Tiger Descends Golden Mountain

Advanced Black Belt May Study

Pang Long Bang
Entwine the Dragon Staff

Black Belt May Study

Tai Chi Sparring
With blindfolds

Brown Belt May Study

Hai Long Zhang
Sea Dragon Cane

Advanced Black Belt June Study

Mei Hua Qiang
Plum Flower Spear
Southern Spear

Black Belt June Study

Qiang Hsu Liang Hsi
Practice of Spear Fighting Techniques
Northern Spear

Brown Belt June Study

Si Mian Ba Fang Gun
4 Faces 8 Directions Single-Ended Staff

Advanced Black Belt July Study

Yang Jia Qiang
Yang Family Spear
Southern Spear