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A quick overview of the training we offer

Kung Fu Classes

Kung Fu & Self Defense

Our Adult Kung Fu program works to transform your fitness, energy, and flexibility levels. When you combine these with the positive feelings of accomplishment when you achieve and exceed what you ever thought was possible, you will proudly attain unbelievable confidence and personal power.

The Kung Fu knowledge taught at the Shaolin Center of Seattle is comprised of various colorful styles of skill and training, making up the Shaolin System available today.

You will learn various animal forms, classic weapons, Tai Chi, and a variety of fighting styles.

Tai Chi Classes

Tai Chi

For thousands of years, the Chinese have been practicing Tai Chi for health, longevity, balance, and mental clarity.

Postures vary from one school to another, but the premise of combining slow simple movements with specific breathing patterns enables the practitioner to enjoy the full benefit of increased energy and power that these postures give regardless of age or physical ability.

Kids Kung Fu Classes

Kid's Kung Fu (Dragons & Tigers)

The Shaolin Center of Seattle is proud to present our Shaolin Dragons and Shaolin Tigers programs. These programs will help your child learn important things like confidence, wellness, fitness, fun, and self-discipline in a fun and supportive environment.

For more information please check our Dragons and Tigers website.

Satisfied Students

Testimonials from past and present students

Satisfied Students 1

My fiancé and I joined the school in early 2009. Doing kung fu together has been both a bonding experience and highly entertaining. The welcoming, light-hearted environment pushes us to become better athletes and martial artists, not by ever making us feel bad about ourselves or our abilities, but by showing us what we can achieve with dedicated practice. Five years in, we've come so far and are so proud of our accomplishments and all the cool stuff we can do - and still we feel like we've only barely scratched the surface. We are continually excited to keep learning and improving.

- Erica R. and Matt B.

Satisfied Students 2

I decided to pursue Kungfu after attending a martial arts based boot camp. I chose the Shaolin Center of Seattle because I wanted a school that focused on the traditional Chinese Art rather than a women's self defense class or a school with competitions and performances. At this school, you will only compete with yourself and the progress you make will be at a pace that fits with the amount of time you have available to attend class and practice...It's inspiring to be in class with people my age at varying skill level. It's proven to me that it is never too late to try something new...

- Karen L.

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